Blog#7 The Christmas Party Booking/The (Difficult) Load In

The Christmas Party Booking Our most prolific type of booking is without a doubt the wedding reception.  We absolutely love to help make the bride and groom's day by making sure that all of the finite details of their special day are tended to.  The wedding reception booking is also the most involved.

A More Straight Forward Booking Other types of celebrations; birthday parties, corporate celebrations, and christmas bookings for example are more straight forward.  For example, we can't play the wrong song during the first dance, we don't have to work to such specific timings including cutting the cake and evening guests arriving, and we might not be requested to arrive so early.

The Load In Our load in can vary hugely from venue to venue.  At some we're able to back up our vehicles to a door right next to the stage, hey presto . . all our equipment loaded in within 10 minutes.  Others may require a tricky walk through a number of doors and up flights of stairs which a…

Blog#6 The Booking/Performance Of A Norwich Norfolk Wedding/Party Band

A Norfolk Wedding Booking In previous weeks we've looked at how we choose songs for Energy to consider performing and how to ensure a good rehearsal to get the songs sounding great.

Well . . . all of that hard work is in vein if you don't eventually get the opportunity to showcase your songs by way of a showcase or a booking.

We recently had the honour of performing at a fantastic Norfolk venue in Swanton Morley called Hunters Hall.
Early Arrival Energy have great quality musical instruments and a crystal clear high fidelity digital PA system.  For the larger venues and when appropriate we mic up all of our instruments.  Along with the lighting systems, banners, and everything else we set up we need a couple of hours, so when time is tight in the evenings proceedings we sometimes set up earlier in the afternoon (for a small amount extra).  
Hunters Hall has a brilliant load in, the only challenge is the long narrow stage and the power points being all at one end.  We set up i…

Blog#5 The Band Rehearsal/How To Make A Rehearsal Successful/New Songs

Welcome to our 5th blog, thanks for reading.
The last three blogs centred on choosing appropriate songs for 'Energy' and constructing a set to make every booking go with a bang.
This blog is an insight to our rehearsals . . 
How Often Do We Rehearse? This varies but probably every month or so.  We know the 'set' inside out so don't need to go over songs we perform regularly.Rehearsals are for new songs, we tend to learn new material quickly and get it in the set as soon as we can to test drive it and set if it will remain. When we first formed we tried to rehearse every single week to get together a body of material.
OK, it's not rocket science but when we get the below things right we have a productive rehearsal. I'm lucky to have a little studio space at my house in Norwich, Norfolk big enough for us to rehearse, this saves me time travelling to rehearsal and setting up my drum kit.
What Makes A Successful Rehearsal? (1) For me to get organised setting up the sou…

Blog#4 Choosing Songs For 'ENERGY' Part 3/3 'Constructing a Set List'

Welcome to 'Energy's' 4th Blog.

This weeks blog is the last of a series of three blogs considering how we choose the songs that we perform.

The 1st blog of the series considered the 'Golden Rules' we use to choose songs to rehearse and perform, the 2nd was when you might make an exception to those rules.

This weeks' is how constructing a setlist might affect your choice of songs.

Mixing It Up
Whenever we perform we typically play to a very eclectic audience that varies hugely in age.  For example, many generations of a family are typically present at a wedding reception and all of them want to hear songs that they like and are familiar with.  This means performing songs from a wide range of not just Era's but Genre's as well, ensuring everyone hears something that will encourage them to get up and dance.  The following songs represent every decade from the 60s onwards and typically appear in our set list for most of our bookings.

Twist & Shout - The…

Blog#3 Choosing Songs For 'ENERGY' Part 2/3 'Exceptions To The Rule'

Hello again folks, thank you for joining us again.

Last weeks' blog contemplated how 'Energy' choose the best songs to perform at our bookings and concluded that they should be (a) Well Known, (b) Upbeat, and (c) Easy To Dance To.

This weeks' Blog considers when 'Energy', or any Party/Wedding band, might make an exception to these rules.

The First Dance
The traditional 'First Dance' is chosen by the bride and groom typically because the song has sentimental meaning for them. This could be for numerous romantic reasons that no other song would suffice.  'Energy Function Band' is happy to learn a first dance for our clients if we believe we can do it justice (usually we can!).  First Dances are often slow tracks that are difficult to dance to and not always upbeat in their feel.  The clients' need to have their chosen first dance is more important however, so the rules can be justifiably broken in these cases.

The Set Opener
Whether guests have …

Blog#2 Choosing Songs For 'ENERGY' Part 1/3 'The Three Golden Rules'

Welcome to Energy's second blog.  Thanks for joining us.

There are thousands of well known songs out there that everybody loves, so choosing songs for a wedding/party band is easy right? 

. . err . . no . .  it's not quite that straight forward, so I thought I would share some of the decision making process that we go through to make sure our set list is top quality and sparkling every time we perform for our clients.

A Clear Objective Helps Us Choose The Right Song
We want people to enjoy our music and have a fantastic time by singing and dancing to every song.

The above will be split up into three separate blogs.
1) The Three Golden Rules for choosing songs.
2) Exceptions to the rules.
3) Constructing a Set List.

The Three Golden Rules

1) The song must be popular and known by almost everybody
No matter how great the song, if our clients don't know it they are unlikely to emotionally connect to, and appreciate hearing it, and are therefore be unlikely to get up, dance to and e…

Blog#1 Our First Blog

Firstly, may we wish a warm welcome to anyone who is reading 'Energy's' first ever blog.

In case you weren't sure we are a professional wedding/function/party band, established in earnest back in 2011 and have performed for many client's since then.  
Whether for somebody's special day, Wedding, Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Corporate Celebration or any other cause for us to perform we've loved every single performance.
We wanted the opportunity to share some of what goes on behind the scenes.  Whether a performance, a rehearsal, a look back into our history, a photo shoot or anything else significant that we would like to share.
We're also looking to improve our online presence and hoping that this amongst other forums and mediums will let the world know that we're here . . and hopefully book us of course :-)
Thank you for reading, please visit/like/follow/view the below too, 
Phil Band Leader and Drummer