Blog#3 Choosing Songs For 'ENERGY' Part 2/3 'Exceptions To The Rule'

Hello again folks, thank you for joining us again.

Last weeks' blog contemplated how 'Energy' choose the best songs to perform at our bookings and concluded that they should be (a) Well Known, (b) Upbeat, and (c) Easy To Dance To.

This weeks' Blog considers when 'Energy', or any Party/Wedding band, might make an exception to these rules.

The First Dance
The traditional 'First Dance' is chosen by the bride and groom typically because the song has sentimental meaning for them. This could be for numerous romantic reasons that no other song would suffice.  'Energy Function Band' is happy to learn a first dance for our clients if we believe we can do it justice (usually we can!).  First Dances are often slow tracks that are difficult to dance to and not always upbeat in their feel.  The clients' need to have their chosen first dance is more important however, so the rules can be justifiably broken in these cases.

The Set Opener
Whether guests have just finished their meals, are busy meeting and greeting arriving guests, or are still being snapped for the wedding photo's, they might not be ready to get up and dance.  This could be a great opportunity to perform a song which is not quite as easy to dance to or obviously upbeat as other tracks.  Once things get going however it's back to the 'Three Golden Rules'.

The Medley Track
If a track that doesn't quite meet the Three Golden Rules is sandwiched between others in a medley, and is only performed for a verse and chorus or short period of time, it's unlikely to 'clear the dance floor' providing it still sounds fantastic.  We perform 'Little Bird' by Annie Lenox, it's anthemic and has a great vibe but is not typically upbeat or known by everyone. It does however sit brilliantly in our 80's medley fusing together other tracks and works a treat.

Something Different
Whether it's Funky Music, Valerie, Mustang Sally or Higher & Higher; those Golden Standard function band tracks can feel a little too similar so breaking them up with something different can be a good thing. Although again, we don't stray too far from what works and don't break more than one of the rules at any one time.

The Encore
Somebody To Love by Queen has been our encore since the band's conception, I've never heard it covered by another band.  It's an emotive, anthemic and rousing sound making it a brilliant track to round off the evening even though it's a little tricky to dance to.

I hope that gives you further idea towards our selection process.

Band Leader and Drummer


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