Blog#9 Our First Booking Of 2019

Last week saw 'Energy' perform our first booking of 2019.  I (Phil) had really missed it and was delighted to 'get the show back on the road' again.  We performed at a black tie event for a fantastic group of people from Harleston, the venue was The Park Hotel near Diss in Suffolk.

A pleasant Hotel with staff offering a warm and informative welcome on our arrival.  Also, a fantastic load in, the stage being about 10/15m from the car boot.  A major bonus for bands like us when you have a lot of equipment, especially when the weather isn't great.

We had lots of downtime on this particularly booking; three and a half hours from set up to performing, so the comfortable changing area and great food provided was more than appreciated.

We had the opportunity to try out some new tracks.  

Firstly 'Angels' by Robbie Williams (I'm a guilty closet fan), which went down brilliantly.  We've always veered away from performing smoochy love ballads in the past in fear they would clear the dance floor.  The response however was great with couples and groups alike singing and swaying together, feeling the love - we'll certainly be performing 'Angels' again.  However, this was a more more mature audience so it's still to be tested on a younger clientele.

In a bid to try and create some smoother more disco groovy type vibes we'd rehearsed a new medley with Bruno Mars 'Treasure', DNCE's 'Cake By The Ocean', and Walk The Moon's 'Shut Up And Dance' (which we already played).  They seemed to go down well, holding a steady number to the dance floor, so fingers crossed they'll stay in the set for a few months.  My favourite part was to sing bit of 'Gangnam Style' over the opening riff of 'Cake', good to get a bit of cheese in the set . . we're a function band and it's all about having fun after all.

The rest of the set was business as usual and we went down a storm, so we were delighted.  We had lots of kind words from the clientele at the end of the night which was brilliant.  We work hard for our clients', so it's fantastic to know they are happy with our performance.

Hear's looking forward to the next one, which is a few weeks away

And there's a little more to share about this booking which I'll do in my next blog,

Band Leader and Drummer

Norwich Norfolk Wedding Party Band


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