Blog#1 Our First Blog

Firstly, may we wish a warm welcome to anyone who is reading 'Energy's' first ever blog.

In case you weren't sure we are a professional wedding/function/party band, established in earnest back in 2011 and have performed for many client's since then.  

Whether for somebody's special day, Wedding, Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Corporate Celebration or any other cause for us to perform we've loved every single performance.

We wanted the opportunity to share some of what goes on behind the scenes.  Whether a performance, a rehearsal, a look back into our history, a photo shoot or anything else significant that we would like to share.

We're also looking to improve our online presence and hoping that this amongst other forums and mediums will let the world know that we're here . . and hopefully book us of course :-)

Thank you for reading, please visit/like/follow/view the below too, 

Band Leader and Drummer


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